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American girl doll Pink Party... part 3.

Towards the end of the party, we had a gift exchange where I had all the girls bring a gift (10$) and wrap it in pink. They picked numbers then grabbed their gift, sat in a circle and opened them at the same time. After the gifts were opened, they could trade if they liked.

During the party, the girls could shop at the store which was run by my neighbor's daughter MJ. At anytime during the party, the girls could run over to her and purchase items with the tickets they had earned. I packaged each one of these myself and used an old plant stand to display them. This is always the favorite part of the day for the girls. I had puppets, magnets, erasers, candy, gum, bath wash, lip balm and much more! Over 100 items were displayed and I only had about 15 left over!

To wrap it all up, we had some more games for tickets and crowned the 2011 Mini Miss Pinkie to ..... Fran! She was awarded for her enthusiasm, her sharing, kindness, fantastic manners and dancing like there was no tomorrow! She is one of the reasons I keep putting on these parties! I would have to say how cute it was to watch all the kids use all their manners so much it really had me laughing. Several times i had to duck under a table so they wouldn't catch me. If I could tell you how many "please" and "thank you's" were tossed around, you would think you were at the viewing of Stepford children! It was endearing!

A big thank you to my niece who created the logo for this year's party. It was used on all the cupcakes, the scrapbooks, bag tags and at the top of the goodie shop. I can't wait to see what she comes up with next year! Did I mention that she is only 16!
Thanks Rianna-banana! I love you!

I am officially Pinked out! So I will leave you with how I'm feeling right now! blahahahahahahahah!

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