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5 days to go...

Pink party item of the day.

My shop is on vacation mode beginning today :)

Playing catch up with all my orders. I will be on vacation mode for all shops beginning today until March 7th! Whoohoo! Time for a little mini pink party!

Pink Party special

My Niece, who is a fantastic artist, designed a graphic girl which will be used throughout the American girl mini pink party. Here are the cupcake toppers and the Sweet shop sign. She rocks!

The pink cross boo boo packs

These are for the pink cross table I will have set up to include gooey booboos, bandaids, ace bandage etc. Perfect to cure the American girl dolls.

Pink Party signs

Pink Party item of the day!

Pink party item of the day.

Since there is less than 2 weeks until pink party day, I'll be listing an item a day that I've accomplished. This party will be held for 20 little girls with 6 mommys assisting! Bring it on!

The Baby Bonnets

These are hot off the press and created for Kirsten. Made for a baby shower. Totally cute idea!

Getting there!

I just put up curtains in my family room and decided they are too thin. So now I'm off searching for a white linen curtain. No one seems to carry pure white. Any suggestions?

....more pink!

American girl doll capes

I made these capes for the hair salon section of the party. They are made with oilcloth which worked awesome.

More mini pink party

So, I'm busy creating for the mini party. Here is another preview. These are the ticket holders which are to be worn like necklaces so everyone keeps track of their tickets. No ticket, no shopping at the pink parlor!!!!

The American girl party candy shop

I just finished the candy shop stand for my daughter's American girl party. I'm working on the shop sign so stay tuned.

American Girl Pink Pajama Party

My daughter's mini pink party is arriving soon. Here is a little preview of what I've done.

These are individual packets that include a spa mask, spa shoes and cucumber stickers for the American Girl dolls. All were handmade by yours truly!

The Valentines Day

Both my kids had valentines day at school. Here is what we made:
And here are the cupcake toppers I made and will be offering them for sale at my shop by tonight :)

Catch the Pink Party at Catch my party!

My gals made the Party of the day rotation at Catch my party.

Check it out here : Pink Party

Finally...The photo

I'm finally getting around to posting the group Pink Party Photo.

I am currently working on my daughter's mini pink party which is turning out to be a detailed monster! Sometimes I get so many ideas that I can't get them out of my head fast enough!

For Shirley

This digital file was created for Shirley. Enjoy!

Pink Party cupcake toppers

Another Pink Party featured on "Catch my Party"

My daughter's last year's Pink Pajama party was just featured on Catch my Party. Ironic because her 3rd annual party is in less than 3 weeks!

Go check it out here as it is featured as "Party of the Day"!

Again, a big thanks to Jillian. So far all my parties have been featured as party of the day:)

I love boobies cupcake toppers for breast cancer awareness!

My cousin is throwing a party for her dear friend who is a breast cancer survivor and is celebrating 5 years this weekend. These were created specially for her and will be offered in my shop today!

Another party featured on "Catch my party"

Jillian from "Catch my Party" was kind enough to pick another of my parties for her "Party of the Day". This one was my little guy's 4th birthday party.

Check it out here: Catch My Party

Pink Party 2011...Part 2

Pink Pajama Party 2011...Part 1

Here are the photos for the annual Miss pinky party 2011. This years crown went to my good friend Kathy!