Where I've been featured!

Princess of quite alot!

This little cutie was sent to me by one of my customers. I can't tell you how extremely happy I am to see such an adorable girl wearing one of my crowns. This is what keeps me going!!!!
...and you gotta love those pearls!

Twilight toppers

These were made for my cool niece who's birthday is this weekend!

Todays toppers

Personalized cupcake toppers

Silly Goose!

These were for a Free Giveaway won by Tina. I always love when I get to try something new and these glasses gave me my glitter fix!

Tiara toppers and tag

These were done about a week ago for one of my customers. Just love her and her doll!

Royal toppers!

Dorothy's crown

I just made one of my most popular crowns in red.

What I did today...

These are one of the last orders I made before I close up shop for a few weeks :)

Something brown and something blue!

LIttle Benjamin has stole my heart!

Cross eyed Queen!

These were a rush order for one of my customers. I cut 60 of these in one day! I was seeing cross eyed when I was done but I did manage to get them in the mail this morning!

Remembering the boxes

Remember those favor boxes I made for one of my favorite customers? Well she just had her party and was willing to share her photos. These are courtesy of Stephanie from the Frosted Garden. You have to check out her cakes .... unbelievable! www.frostedgarden.com
Thanks Steph!

Tutu anyone?

These were made for one of my customer's daughter who was actually wearing jeans under this tutu. Pretty hysterical!

Orders of the day.

Cupcake toppers aren't just for kids!

Rock Star Toppers!

Blue party package

Since I offer the pink part package, I decided to make sure the little guys don't get left out. So here's the boy version of my party packages.

Today's order up!

The tiara

Another princess package deal!

I'm still adding to my princess line. Here is a new package deal.

Glitter princess cupcake toppers

New items to my shop. I will be featuring princess packages for the royal birthdays. Stay tuned...

The pink flower hat

This photo was taken from my iphone so sorry about the quality. You should see this little one's blue eyes!!!! Dreamy!

The adorable belly!

These were made by one of my customers who has ordered a few times. The first one was her sonogram and this is the 2nd. Talk about a cute belly!

Favor bags at rest.

Due to the volume of work lately, I am not selling new designs for my favor bags until after the holidays. I'm furiously trying to catch up with maintaining 3 shops!!!!! So Happy Birthday to David who is the last of the favor bags until after the new year :)

Hang em Up and giggle!

These are new and made for one of my repeat customers. They are door photos to match your cupcake toppers. I add the hat, personalization and glitter. You sit back and giggle!

Today's orders are on the way!