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Happy Birthday my lovely girl

It seems like yesterday when my first born was thrust into this world. That night was a little scary but she came through like the fighter she is today!

Everyone in the family wants to claim that she's just like them...including me. Reality is, she's got a drive of her own, a mind like no other and a beauty that to me is unmatched.

She listens quietly without a comment.
She's a sponge yet extremely loyal.
She cares about the environment, doesn't waste money but spends it wisely and thinks out everything first.

She has a smell that's all her own.
She smells like sunshine, happiness and love.

My favorite scent.

Nine years old! So fine to be nine and so wonderful to be mine!

Happy Birthday Love Blossom!

Your mommy loves you to the moon and back!

The pink and orange Day

Hawaiian Lua for my daughter's 9th birthday party

Yes, I did it. I finally moved the orange and pink birthday Lua to the yard and my house no longer looks like someone barfed up orange and pink all over my dining room! Here are some photos of the day :) Most items will be available for purchase once my tired body goes back to work :) More pics to follow.

order of the day!

Emily's little ice cream social party was featured here!

Check out "Catch My Party" where Emily's little Ice cream social birthday party was featured! And it was done with a budget of 175$ which included everything from the printables to the food! Now that's a deal!

Princess party

These are some photos of the paper products I made for Lemiga events a few years back. They popped back up on the internet recently and I almost forgot about it :) This was when I was just starting out making party products :)

Emily's birthday overview

Pink ice cream social party surprise

Today I hosted a surprise party for my daughter's friend Emily. Since Em didn't get an 8th birthday party, we celebrated 8 and a half. This was a very small party for 3 girls and 3 boys which was thrown together in 2 days! Since I didn't have time to create my own printables, I used some of Eat, Drink Chicks free downloads. I did create the birthday banner and the bunting flags myself, but the rest was from here

More photos to follow after I rest:)


I designed a new label for my daughter's party. I wanted it to be a vintage luau style. More photos to follow.