Where I've been featured!

What we made for the neighbors!

This year I strayed from my normal tube gifts and went with peppermint playdough since the neighbors all have small children! Here is how they turned out!

man cave gingerbread house

This year it was boys against girls. Daddy brought out the big tools, heat gun, drill and a bag of pretzels! The girls used good old fashioned squeezing of the icing! You decide who won!

Personally, the man cave kind of grew on me!

Xmas gifts for the gym team

This year I personalized water bottles for the gym team as well as Coach charm necklaces.
Here's how they turned out :)

A Christmas at home.

Every year I try to decorate with a certain color and it's NEVER the same.... sorry honey. So, as I pulled out the 15 crates of xmas supply bins, I was surprised to see that I labeled them by color last year... I don't even remember doing it! So this year...WHITE!
I just started decorating so more photos to follow. I have plenty of time to get ready for the holidays now that my shop is on vacation mode for a few weeks :)

Custom Holiday labels

These are now offered in my shop but hurry, I'm closing up until after the New Year in 2 days!

Party of the day!

My son's birthday party was featured on "Catch my Party" go check it out!

Anniversary cupcake toppers

I just created this for one of my faithful clients. Her parents are celebrating 40 years!

Airplane birthday party

My son just had his 6th birthday party on Sunday, here are some photos!

Candy bar wrappers galore!

There's been a huge demand for candy bar wrappers for the Holidays. I don't want to bore with posting all of them but here is a few!

Party hats and banner

Lots of new banners and party hats available at my shop.