Where I've been featured!

Elephant toppers.

I've made quite a few of these in the last year and every time I go to discontinue, the orders roll in. I have to say that the pink are my favorites!

Birthday boxes

This was created for one of my customers who sent me two adorable photos and I just couldn't decide which one to use so I used both of them.

Hard Hat photo cupcake toppers

Fireboy to the rescue!

New fireboy cupcake toppers available at bugandboo.etsy.com.

favor bags again...

These bags were sent to me from a very sweet customer and I love her candies! Thanks so much!

Football favor bags

These were just created for a football birthday party. These are also now for sale on my site.

More butterfly wing toppers..

New butterfly wing photo toppers on sale now!!!

Party package for Divaine Designs

This is the beginning of a party package I'm doing for a wedding event planner. I will be posting more later. This is the first time I've done a large 5" cupcake topper. It was actually easier than the smaller ones.

Thank you Jlasura

This photo is compliments of Jlasura who has her own wonderful blog and just hosted her daughter's first birthday. Go check it out at :lasura.blogspot.com

Thanks Joan!!!!

Leopard and pink glitter!

Happy Birthday Toppers!!!!

Princess party Package

This is a project in the works. Half is done and the tiara crowns and banner are still in production.

Sideways pirate hats.

OOops, can't figure out how to turn these right side up but his little tongue is soooo stinkin' cute sticking out like that!

The perfect diving hat and goggles.

It didn't make it very easy for me to cut this little guy. Every time I picked one up, I wanted to giggle at his expression. I feel sorry for the shark!

Thanks to Cocoabella!

This photo comes courtesy of Cocoabella who's party looked unbelievable!
Thanks so much for sharing!

Boys and their cars!

This order was done last week and I'm finally getting around to loading photos.

Thanks Stephanie!

These photos are compliments of Stephanie who had the cutest cake i've ever seen. My favor bags matched her cake perfectly. I am in awe of her talent with colors!!!!
Thanks Stephanie!

Thank You Tara!

These photos are compliments of Tara who just had her daughter's 2nd birthday party. I made a special order for her with one photo topper and made it a little bigger than normal. These are now offered for sale on my site :)

Thanks Tara! I want to dive into that chocolate cake!!!!

yesterday's orders.

These were done yesterday already sent out!

Yesterday's orders.

Favor box wedding

This was made for my girlfriends wedding. She was matching her invitations so these aren't my original idea. But they did turn out rather cute.

Favor boxes

These were originally done for my daughter's birthday last year.

and still MORE favor bags

These were created for a photographer who does amazing photos. I wonder what she will put in them:)

Star Wars!

Summer cake

This was a multi party cake with 6 kids. It featured 6 kids. Photo courtesy of Vicki.

Stella & Dot photos

Remember when I showed the Stella & Dot cupcake toppers I made for Christi? Well, she was kind enough to post them on her site (which is a FAVORITE of mine)! Check her site out, you won't want to leave!!!!

Thanks Christi!

More favor bags.

I'm getting a huge amount of favor bag orders lately. I was going to discontinue them but they keep selling. So I guess they are staying :)

Order up!

This order was created in about 12 hours. Design, cutout, glitter, hats added etc. I would have to thank the hubs and little ones for all their help in letting me take time away :)

Boy cupcake toppers by Dione

This photo is courtesy of Dione, who's little one just had his first birthday! I love the top cake! He's one very special boy! Thanks Dione for sharing!

Favor boxes from the past!

This was created for my son's birthday. He was a total Toy Story addict!

Super Why!

Favor bag toppers

Here are some favor bag toppers!

Crown toppers are not just for kids!

These crowns were made to go with a previous order. It goes to show you that princesses are not just for kids!

You gotta see it all!

I had to post the ENTIRE outfit so you get the idea...

Oh, and yes, I caught her checking herself out when she thought I wasn't looking!

What the....

This is what happens when you let your daughter dress herself for a photo shoot. You get leg warmers, tutu, ballet slippers, swim goggles, nose piece and, of course...the Hair bow!

This one's for Alex!

These are for Hannah!

Hannah's mommy also asked for a rush order...Here's hers, I can't wait to see what they look like!