Where I've been featured!

Pink Party Details

Here are some of the Pink Party details that I made.  

Mini Miss Pinkies 2009

This first annual Mini Pink party for the little one's was a hit!!!!  Check out some photos!

One of my favorite customers sent this....

I have been working with a customer who owns Gaggles n Gigggles.  She has an awesome party planning business and I have done some of her party toppers.  She is cool in the way that she lets my creativity fly without restrictions!  Thanks Rasheeda!

Visit her shop at www.gagglesngiggles.com


Take a moment to honor the 4 fallen Oakland Police Officers who sacrificed their lives while keeping us all safe...

I will always remember.
Rest in Peace.

Featured Blog!!!

Hi everyone,
I got featured on a blog site!  Whoo hoo.  Especially for JillPill since AJ is one of the featured kiddos!

Check it out :   http://paigechenault.wordpress.com/


Today I have nothing to show except for very abused lungs!!!!

I'm attempting work tomorrow :)

Is anyone out there????

Here is todays product.  I keep sending these and I swear no one is even looking at this site!!!

Today's stuff!

I just got a cute photo from a customer who I did her toppers for.  Instead of using it in cupcakes, she used them in snow cones!   Hmmmmm...I feel a new idea coming on!

Credit for this photo is given to Raama Stuart Photographer.  Sorry, I don't have a link or I would include it.  

Today's orders.

I'm plugging away and almost caught up

I'm sick but the work doesn't care!

I feel like my body got hit by a train!  But I have orders to fill so here I am plugging along.  Plus, I organized my craft room so now I have everything handy and at my fingertips.  Now if only I'd stop coughing!

What I did between kid duties!

In between running around, dropping kids off, helping in the class room and preparing dinner for my mom's birthday, I did these!

photo toppers with style!

One of my customers is a photographer and took this of my toppers.  Now why don't my photos ever look this good?

What I did today

Yep, finished another set of toppers!  I'm currently working on 4 more orders and the mini pinkie party!  Those photos will come soon!

Today's projects.

Another cake topper on file!  I seem to be selling lots of these lately!

Cupcake toppers stuck between my toes!

Last week I got a ton of orders, here are some of my favorites.  

Princess Party Package

This day was planned by Lemiga's daughters birthday party.  She used all my stuff and had a photographer take the photos.  They were awesome.  


Cupcakes anyone?  You like?  Order them now at Bugandboo.etsy.com.

What I'm doing now

I'm currently working on cake toppers.  They seem to be the latest trend... or at least for me :)


Hi everyone.  

I created this site to keep you up to date on all the stuff I'm working on.  

Buyers can check out the items I have in progress.

Friends can see what I'm up to.

Have a great day!