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Pink party favors 2012

So this year's annual Pink pajama party will be the year of the Ugly Purse. I'll give details as soon as the party is over. Most of my pinkies don't check this blog so I am pretty safe showing it off. I have to watch it with the facebook or they will be on to me!
I made these with waterproof vinyl which is dishwasher safe... I hope!
More photos to follow as I get things made :)

Another Pinkalicious cake topper

What I've been doing lately.

I've been so busy with orders lately and got very behind with the photos so here's a few.

The Buzz and Woody party

This photo is compliments of Sara who is one of my repeat customers:)

Pink straw flags

I just finished the pink drink straws which will be offered in my shop later today.

9th Annual Pink Party!

It's that time of year again when all my best friends get together for our annual pink pajama party. Here is a sample of what I'm doing for the paper items.

Mickey mouse cupcake toppers

Lots of new stuff offered in my shop and I'm behind on the photos!!!! Check out these Mickey mouse cupcake toppers!

New favor tags now available

Pdf or already assembled favor tags are now available for purchase at my shop

Very simple! Just email me a photo and I will add the party hat of your choice and incorporate it into this amazing tag. Don't like the colors, just let me know at check out and I can customize it to meet your needs.

Blue and cream hat toppers

Hot off the press and available in my shop later today!

Party crowns

I made these for a girlfriends party. A little bit more time consuming that I liked but I still love them :)