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New blog name.

This blog has been changed so please update your bookmarks to Cakefacetoppers.blogspot.com....
The cupcake toppers are still there but I've got a new look and shop name, so hop on over and see what I've been working on as I will no longer be updating on this blog but I will keep it open as there are many items I've done in the past!

He-man toppers

Nothing like a 1980's photo on a Mr. man body.

space toppers

A new shop.....

I've just opened a new shop on etsy.  It is now a family operating store that will involve a faster production time as well as new helpers.  Don't worry, I am picky and the production will still be first rate!!!!!  A new name, new employees etc.  Check it out at :  Cake Face Cupcakes.

Giraffe print cupcake toppers

Giraffe print cupcake toppers are back!!!

Military photo cupcake toppers.

These were created for a military retirement.  He doesn't even look old enough to retire :)

New shops!

Bug and Boo Designs is currently having a facelift! I am about to open up a new online shop which is still under construction. But please feel free to shop here Bug & Boo Designs or here at my bonanza shop. I am currently trying to add and catch up so if what you see isn't there, please contact me at bugandboo@mac.com and I can get you all set up :) There will be lots of new stuff and I'm so excited to share! Thanks for your patience! Shelley