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Lego Star Wars party continued.

I had these crayons made into Lego mini's and attached Star Wars coloring pages to add to the favor boxes.

The bug's Lego cupcake toppers

It was difficult to NOT use my little bug's photo for the cupcake toppers since that's my specialty. As he grows, his precise decision making has been kicking into overdrive and I am pleasantly surprised that Bug knows exactly what he wants and has no problem letting me know. So Bug is having Star Wars Lego mini figure cupcake toppers without me having to spend 300$!

The bug's party luggage tags

The luggage tags were made for the outside of the boxes but I had already put the names of the guests on the boxes, so I'm not sure what I will do with them at this time. If all else fails, I'll put them inside the boxes and they can use them as back pack tags.

You make it legos!

So, I went to the lego store the other day (we are frequent flyers there). The store clerk was gracious enough to create a lego car, then proceed to fill up a 14.99 dollar tub with 25 sets of everything to create the car. He made it all fit! Then when I was about to pay for it, he gave me 5$ off. These babies cost me $10 for 25 kids!!!!!! I love a great deal! Thank you Alex the lego guy! You rock.

I took a photo of the car then made tags so each kid would know how to build it. Here is how they turned out. My son is dying to build one and keeps asking me how many more days till his party.

What my office looks like right now.

My office is in disarray from creating for my son's birthday. Here is what it looks like as well as a photo of the party hats.

Bug's Lego Star Wars favor box part 1

Here are the large favor boxes for Bug's birthday bash. There will be really cool toppers on them when I 'm finished.

The smaller box version of these are available in my shop now :)

My son's lego star wars birthday bash.

My little guy is having another birthday party. So I'm off creating something for him with the inspiration being Star Wars and Legos. This is rather challenging. Trying to keep it hip, creative and modern. So instead of the traditional Lego colors, I picked a lime green lego color and the Darth Vader black.

I'll be posting the stuff I'm making as they are finished, then post the actual birthday party so you can see how everything turned out. Here are the Favor candy bags that will be placed into personalized boxes. I have some great ideas to keep this party modern so stay tuned!

Blue princess

I made these for a friends of mine whose little girl decided on a blue and white glass slipper luncheon. These are now available in my shop.

About a perfect moment on a perfect day.

Hi All,

As a mom, I'm going to share this moment.

Just to let you know... Today was M's last attempt to qualify for states in gymnastics.

She missed it by .5 tenths of a point. Not bad for an eight year old.

But numbers don't matter to my gracious girl who was congratulating other gymnasts for their jobs well done. As I heard her tell another gymnast "congratulations", I was so proud. We have been working hard teaching her that while scores are important, they aren't everything. We want her to enjoy every moment, the ups AND the downs. And to my surprise, she hasn't hit a single "down". After every competition, I ask her how she felt and I always get a big smile.

Not once has she felt disappointed or discouraged.

So, as I sat with pride, watching the award ceremony, I was shocked as they called her name to receive a medal for every event except for one.. the bars. Turns out, she competed very well and the judges were scoring everyone low.

So here's the down and dirty :)

Floor excercise...7th
Vault 5th
Beam (oh my gosh she bombed on this last week :).....whoo hoo 3rd place !

Overall, she finished a very respectable 7th place.

Driving home, I asked her if she could pick anything about gymnastics that she really liked and what would it be. Her answer,
"Mommy, I really like staying at the hotels with you and especially the team lunches after each competition."

Then I thought of all the little gymnasts who were in tears because they didn't make it and I looked at my little girl with pride. She was happy, content and ready to do it all over again next year. She has known some of these girls since she was 3 years old and was happy for every one of them. She jumped for joy when her teammate won a gold medal. She was sad with those who didn't. One of her teammates ended up falling. I watched very one of the girls huddled around her for love, support and an understanding that only athletes can understand. It was a careful, gentle circle and so strongly protective, my heart was about to explode. I can go on and on but I'm afraid I'll make myself cry. I am so proud of every one of our 9 gymnasts..... Alone they are talented and incredible .......but, TOGETHER they are FIERCE! I dare anyone to stand in their path!

So 10 years from now, when M looks back on this time in her life, she won't remember where she stood on the podium.

......But she will remember the girls she held hands with at lunches. She'll remember screeching (that awful sound little girls make) in the public bathrooms. She'll remember the late night swims at the hotels (sorry Brian). She'll remember cartwheel contests down the hotel hallways and the overnighters at the gymnasium. And, She'll remember standing on the floor matt waiting for the music to start, knowing that her best buds are there with her, waiting to give her a hug when she finishes.

Something new to my shop

These little circus toppers are now offered in my shops. They come with glitter and coordinating tulle. $14 for a set of 12! Whoohoo! I can't wait for Angela to send me some photos of them on her cupcakes.

The special poster

So, as I was walking through our school, I realized that everyone had a "walkathon" poster with the exception of one very small classroom. I don't really know them very well but once I walked into the classroom, I felt home.

Both teachers running the class are very special. One happens to be my neighbor and volunteers her time at our school even though her kids have both moved on. Each one of the kids are very special and I felt they deserved a poster. They work extra hard at things we take for granted.

When I hung the poster and saw their little smiles as they tried to peek at me, my heart skipped a beat.

I fell in love with them over a poster :)

I know my neighbor probably doesn't follow my blog...but I fell in love with her too.

Thanks Debbie, you are sooooo appreciated.

Purple and pink glitter birthday cupcake toppers.

I made these for one of my customers but they didn't match her party so I will be offering them at a discounted price at my shop. So go check it out!

The baby shower hats

Some photos I took at the baby shower. Unfortunately I guess I didn't really take enough so I'll share what I have and hope I get more photos at a later time.

Here's the man of the hour.... My newest nephew!

It's all in the nose.

This photo was compliments of Jill, who I've created several orders for. Thanks Jill :)

Cars hat cupcake toppers

Zebra hat cupcake toppers

I've been a little busy playing catch up with my orders and a little slow getting the photos loaded. So here is an order that went out yesterday.

The Chair

I just finished this little chair for my new nephew's "after baby shower". Since I'm not really a furniture pro, I surprised myself at how good it turned out. I'll make sure to add some tiffany blue balloons to the back while it sits in a corner of the party waiting to go home :)

Blue polka dot hats.

This order was just completed for one of my customers.

Revenge will be sweet.

I don't usually post videos of my family but I am making an exception... only because I know the hubs will be putting this on some Utube, twitter, facebook or anything else that will make Mr. Fancy Pants break out in chuckles.

I must explain a few things:

1. I don't like bugs.
2. I really don't like bugs that are 4" long.
3. I really, really don't like bugs that fly .
4. I really, really, really don't like Mr. Fancy Pants right now because, as this thing was flying right at my head, he informed me that they've been know to "sometimes" BITE!


Um... And I just had ACL replacement surgery on my knee. So I was pretty much stuck and couldn't even run away if I wanted to.

I think I peed a little.

order of the day!

The baby shower hats

These hats were created for my adorable nephew who already entered into this world and is now playing "catch up" Honestly, the idea was not mine with all the birthday hats out there. But since I'm not selling them, what's a little copycat since the idea is fantastic :)

I will post photos of the party after this saturday.

Pink glitter cake topper

This photo is courtesy of one of my customers who was very kind to share.

Walkathon poster

So I started this poster for my daughter's walkathon. The idea was cute, "I'll have them create letters with their bodies".


Boys didn't want to touch the girls and girls didn't want to have anything at all to do with the boys. Blahahahaha. Yes, I'm okay with that:) It was quite challenging and I had to bribe several kids as the "yuck" factor kicked in.

When I got home to print them up, I placed them in order and I realized that you couldn't tell what it said. SO I started cutting out black paper to form the letters.

...but then I ran out of black paper. It was midnight. Ugh!

Then I pulled out a sharpie. Yes, a felt tip black pen!

....Halfway through that, I ran out of ink. Ugh again!

30 minutes later, with all the drawers pulled out, I found a fine tip black sharpie in my kids shoe. Don't even ask me how it got there but I felt blessed.

....well, kindof. Fine tip was rather challenging with a 3 by 5 foot poster!

I finished the poster exhasted at 4am, went to sleep and woke up 3 hours later in a coffee induced haze and posted it in front of the class. I pretended I had slept the hole night and the poster was a breeze....ha! I'm sure the bags under my eyes didn't fool anyone!

Final outcome: Front page of the online newsletter.


I'm happy!