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The Hollywood Party!

The mini Pink Party garage front. I could barely get the decorations done in time! Cars kept stopping and asking questions... but I did make it even if I never made it in MY pink clothes!

...more pink party!

Part 2!

The party continues:

2nd annual Mini Pink partyks

So I threw my daughter another mini pink party this year. It was a hit! We used a Hollywood theme and I did all the decorations! Most of these items will be available at my shop : Bugandboo.etsy.com.

We started off with the girls entering the party on the Pink carpet with Hollywood songs playing in the background. They each had pink lemonade martinis with personalized bling straws so there was no mixing the drinks! We had singing with sheet music, games and even a sweet shop. Pink tickets were awarded throughout the day for games won etc and at the end, there was the shopping at the sweet shop.

The girls enjoyed a pink lottery gift swap, lots of food and an academy award ceremony at the end and each girl was able to get their own star at the end of the day.

I'd say that mommy was really tired but at the end of the day, the smiles made me want to do it again next year!!!!

...more photos to follow!

DIY Printables...Thanks Karen!

I sold one of my DIY printables and this is how they turned out! Karen needs to be my new assistant!

Thanks to Karen for providing the photos!

The Mini Pink Party 2010!

What have I been doing while I'm on vacation???
Hosting the 2nd Annual Mini Pink Party.

Here's a preview.

Another Pink party...this time mini!

Yep, I'm at it again. This Sunday will be the 2nd annual Mini Pinkie party! STay tuned!

Pink hat toppers

This photo was sent courtesy of Jodi :)
Thanks Jodi!

Superman or Supergirl cupcake toppers

These just fresh off the creative block and ready for purchase in my etsy shop.

Action figure burger topper

So this a topper I haven't done before. I took the body from an action figure of a wrestler and added the personalized head. Hehe. Perfect for a burger!

Check out my sister-in-laws etsy shop!

So my sis-in-law (whom I love dearly!) has her own shop on etsy:

You can catch her on my side bar if this doesn't open it.

She is a fantastic artist and creator. So please check her out and order away!!!
LOve ya SIL!

Cupcake toppers for Jodi

250 C's in eight days!

I just finished a huge order of 250 gold glitter C's. My family had a few take out dinners and I thank my hubs for picking up the slack!

DIY printables available for purchase now!

These printables are now available for purchase in my etsy shop now! You supply the photo and I add any hat of your choice, you print, add the sticks and you have an instant party cupcake topper. Print as many as you want! These are sent as a PDF file, JPEG or photoshop.

Circus themed cupcake toppers

This photo was sent to me by one of my customers in appreciation. I wish I could have been at her party!!!!