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Introducing new large cake toppers.st

One of my customers asked for a large cake photo topper to match the glittered numbers. So, here's my first go at it!

Supergirl cupcake toppers!

These cupcake toppers quickly became one of my favorites!!!!! I just found out this little girl's uncle did the graphics. His awesome talent made my job very easy!

Supergirl crown

This crown was made to go to a very special super girl! I will be showing the matching cupcake toppers as soon as I load them up.

More cupcake toppers!

These toppers are a surprise for Angela's husband. Hehe, he is also the little guy with the big red boxers one post down. Love his outfit!

Today's cupcake toppers

The big "M"!

This topper was made by yours truly. It is a hot pink glitter "M" with orange border and made special for this little girl :)

Zebra print Favor bags

Sonogram cupcake toppers

These were made for one of my customer's baby shower. She wanted a glitter border. This is the best sonogram I've seen, I can clearly see his face!

Monogram cake topper

This cake topper was made for a Halloween party. I was thinking I could turn it sideways and make masks :)

1st birthdays are precious

This order was done as soon as I came back from vacation and I want to thank his little mommy for letting me enjoy my vacation and allow me to make them when I got home.

Giraffe cupcake toppers

These were created for a 1st birthday party in pink and white. A nice simple statement!

Birthday Banner

I don't usually make Birthday banners but I do make exceptions for my favorites :) This is for J'nyah and I can't wait to see how her party turned out. Her mommy was one of my favorite customers :)

My little guy!

I just bought this hat for my son (one for my daughter too) from Etsy. Here is the sellers link. She did a beautiful job on both the hats!!!! Of course my little guy made it look even better!

Check out the etsy shop now! Naturally Knits

Prince party featuring Crowns & favor boxes.

These were created for Michelle's son's 2nd birthday. You can check out all her decorations where she used mostly etsy sellers here : http://dnmthornton.blogspot.com/2009/09/darrians-2nd-birthday-party-details.html

Oh, and yes, I made the favor boxes too!

Space boy!

Amy created this wonderful design with her son's head inside a space suit then sent it to me for cupcake toppers. Totally cute Amy! Thanks for sharing the photos with me :)

X-Large cake toppers

These were made for a cake so they are rather large. This was a custom order and a new one for me. I think when I get off vacation I will start carrying them in my store :)

Cutie Pie

This little one is so stinkin' cute! I can't wait to see the cupcakes!!!

Cupcake toppers

Since the favor bags have been more of a hit right now, I finally had some cupcake topper requests. Here is one cutie pie!

Wedding favor bags.

These were created for a couple getting married soon, I had to whip them up before vacation time. They are adorable and were very easy to work with :)

Glassine favor bags

I created this logo for a couple who are getting married really soon. They are self stick (a peel off on one side) for a perfect look.

These are for Angie!

These toppers are for Angie. I love the tongue!

A tiara for Ginger

I don't make too many of these tiara's but lately I've been busy with them. Here are some past orders.

Today's orders

blue for you hat toppers!

These were sent off a few days ago. They are totally cute twins!!!

Sideways pink hat cupcake toppers

I have no idea why this keeps happening! But here is another set of pink hat toppers!