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For Colette

These are for my adorable 4 year old neighbor! She'll get more than just this :)

Back to work....

My first order back from vacation!

My new cards :)

I love these cards by zooropi! She rocks!!!

Back from Vacation!

Ahhh, vacation was a much needed rest! Now back to work...

My Christmas cookie tubes!

This year I decided to give cookies in a tube! I measured out all the ingredients (dry items only), bagged them individually then printed the instructions on the bottom half of the label and added our special touch. If these look familiar, they should, I borrowed the sprinkles cupcake theme :) The twine was added by me for a handle and the handwritten tags added the final touch.

I'm thinking of adding these to my etsy store for wedding favors. These tubes are super heavy and great for gifts!

Thanks from Ti

Thank you to Ti for allowing me to use her photograph:)


This photo was sent recently by one of my customers. I love her color scheme. These toppers were one of the last orders I made before my vacation. I will probably be returning sooner than I planned because of all the emails I've been getting :)

So stay tuned!

The last one...I promise!

The capes, the labels and the personalization.

Since everyone is asking about the capes...
Here are the venders. Everybody is from etsy since that is where my shop is.

For the capes, I had them made by SewPlainJane.etsy.com. I had 25 made (half red and half black). She made them plain and I added the personalization to the backs. The blue suede labels are by rememberwynn.etsy.com. She also made the blue shells which I used as zipper pulls.

The graphics for the favor bags, birthday banner, personalized clothespins, all signs, felt personalization to the backs of the capes, personalized felt masks, and of course the cupcake toppers are all created by me! You can buy them at bugandboo.etsy.com or Bugandboo.1000markets.com (but I am currently on vacation :) hehe.

The superhero of the party had his cape, mask, mittens and shirt custom made by Babypop.etsy.com. I kindof copied her by making the letters on the backs of my capes. Since I'm not selling them, I figured it didn't hurt to save a little money :)

The end.

Happy Birthday Love-Bug!

You are like watching my heart run around outside my body!

Love Mommy

If anyone is interested in where I shopped for my items, I will be posting the vendors shortly...although most items were made and designed by myself!

...party 5

The hi-light of the day was when my little guy blew out the candles...only to find them re-light each time. Mommy accidently bought the wrong candles! All cupcake toppers were made by me of course. They were taken of him in his Halloween costume and mixed with comic strip sayings.

...party 4

Next came the Batman pinata which ended up with batman 4-pointed since he kept falling off the tree. This was followed up by Pin the bat on the Batman which included rotating superman suckers and, finally, 5 hours of fun in the batman funhouse.

party 3...

Each superhero enjoyed their own lunch bag filled with healthy goodies. HEHE! It is a party parents! Relax! On the front of each bag was a personalized zipper pull with each name engraved on a shell to use for their backpacks.

Munchies (including the bat-poop) for the adults to keep everyone happy until the Taco couple arrived to make fresh soft tacos for all.

Party 2...

The capes were a hit and many of the super heroes wore their capes with pride!

A Super Hero Party!


I am currently on vacation...for this little guy's 4th birthday party. It's a superhero theme, mostly batman.

I will have pictures shortly.

Mama's tired!

Princess tea

This is the 2nd princess party package that I've done. This photo is courtesy of Quan!