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Now offering circus cupcake toppers and signs.

I just added these to my shop. They will look great with my circus photo toppers. Available in cupcake sizes or larger signs.

Check it out at bugandboo.etsy.com

...and another

Order of the day.

...another order of the day.

Here is the cake topper I made for Davina. I love her cupcake drinks!!!

Order of the day!

I made these toppers for one of my customers and she was very generous in sending me a photo of how they turned out.

Thanks Davina!!!

Homemade cakes aren't things of the past.

Today was officially my daughter's birthday. Here is a photo of the cake my mom made from scratch. The flag topper was made by me :)

If I could bottle this moment and sell it, I would be a rich lady!

Happy Birthday Sugar Plum, my first born and my beautiful baby girl!!!!!

I was featured here!!!

Today I was featured here :

Ashley was kind enough to publish the nicest article containing my daughter's Mad Scientist party :) She rocks!!!! Check out her site here

The official Mad Scientist Party pictures #4

All in all, I'd say it was a hit for the birthday girl and her best buddies!

The diet soda and mentos experiment was soooo funny!

All the cupcakes had body parts on them.

Learning about gas.

More experiments.

Now finally, I'm done. I won't bore anyone else with my party photos :)

One tired mama, signing out!

The official Mad Scientist Party pictures #3

Here are the Id cards, which we scanned before entering the "Lab"..

The experiment assignments.

The scientist trays.

They walked up to their lab table and everything was smoking.... courtesy of the hubs and some dry ice.

The serious scientists!

The official Mad Scientist Party pictures #2

Each child received one of these :)

They had their own stations for experiments. All labels were created by me.

Here is a close up of the jackets.

The Personalized "danger" doctor kits included all the gloves, masks, hats, goggles, etc.

The official Mad Scientist Party pictures #1

Here are the official photos at the party. I blew up surgical gloves with balloons and hung each child's lab coats from the canopy. These were ordered from a medical supply store and I printed the names on fabric and ironed them on. We then used petrie dishes filled with jello and gummy worms ( A big hit).

The supply table was filled with all the supplies we used.

The "Mad Scientists" had drinks with their own photos on them. Great for not mixing up the drinks!

We learned about solids and liquids (a big help for recycling). I made a statement that whoever didn't pay attention to the proper wastes, their fingers would end up in the "dead finger" bin.

We had no problems :)

...more to follow

Mad Science party photo #13

Another preview to Saturday's party :)

Mad Science party photo #12

Here are the drinks. I laminated each label to prevent any water damage.

Mad Science party photo #10

These are the science projects. I printed each one by hand then made copies, laminated them and they will be handed out in each folder along with the supplies. They will be put on these clipboards:

I bought the clipboards from the dollar store: YEP! ONE DOLLAR! Best deal of the century. I spray painted them and added a photo of Einstein and the children's names at the top.

HINT: Everything that has a name on it, goes home as favors. (Which is why I have a huge personalized tote bag for each child.

Science party photo #9

These are the labels for the drinks. I photoshopped a picture of each child with Einstein's hair. These will be going on glass soda pops. I will post a photo of them later :) I'm not quite finished yet:)

Order of the day!