Where I've been featured!

Thanks Jill

This little sweetie had a perfect cupcake party. Of course I made the toppers :) This photo was sent by her proud mommy.

So thanks Jill, It's been a pleasure working with you!

Little Piglet

These were made for my returning customer (I made his last year's toppers too)! I love seeing this little guy grow. This photo is courtesy of Piglet's mommy!

...another new item added to my shops!


I've just posted a ton of items for sale. I cleaned out my overstock and had a ton of stuff to list...all on very cheap sale!

Here's some items I whipped together out of all my extras! There are some new items as well!

...a new hat topper added to my shop

Pirate party!


This was just custom made for my customer who is turning 40! The colors were challenging. I hope she likes it.

Something new to my shops

These toppers are now added to all my shops. You send the photo, I turn it black & white, add the glitter crown (color of your choice) and the personalization. You get to relax and put them in the cupcakes!

Today's orders.

Puppies are people too!

Sometimes I get to do something a little different. Here's what I'm talking about! I can't wait to see what this little birthday guy is getting for his birthday!

Queen for a day!

My orders are flying in and I'm trying to keep up. Thanks to my mom for watching the little ones, I'm catching up!!!

elephants cupcake toppers

Today's treats!

Scooby doo!

These were created for my customer for her scooby doo party!

...I'm back again.

Back to reality and back to creating :)

Where am I?

Wondering where I am.
Celebrating with the hubs!
We'll be sleeping in.
No cupcake toppers today!

Happy Birthday cupcake topper set!!!!

New orders !

A new birthday look

A new hat for Colette who is my neighbor's beautiful munchkin! I'll be waiting on the porch tomorrow with my wine glass :)

I love it when I make stuff for friends... I can pretty much do what I want... Whether they like it or not!

Selling quick!

I just listed the new carnival hat and here come the orders :)


Since i've been back, I've been averaging 12 orders a day!!!!! Luckily I have a few days to get them done. Then back to being behind!

What's new!

I have some new items in the works. Here is the first one! These are now available in my etsy store. Thanks to Tracy Robinson's adorable graphics!!!!

...and another

Surfing the web brings me to lot's of sites featuring my cupcake toppers. I'll be posting over the next few days. I've been back in action for 4 days and I'm already swamped!!!!!!

More cupcake toppers

These were created for one of my customers a while ago and they just showed up on her blog :)

What we did for our teacher.

So my daughter asked for another cupcake tower featuring all her classmates. Problem is, her class went up to 30 kids this year! Trying to get 30 kids to pose then come home, upload and add santa hats to each and every one of them was very time consuming. Thank goodness it only comes once a year...or so I say every time I do this :)
So here is one of the photos. My camera won't load so I took this off my phone. I'll be posting more soon.