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Pink chip board tags

I've been a little busy lately!!!!

Lip straw flags

These straw flags were originally made for my pink party and are now available in my shop.

Order of the day!

New stuff!

I've been working on some great new stuff lately and as soon as my huge party is done, I can start listing items for sale. I just whipped this up for a friend's daughter. It is a Powells Candy shoppe theme.

Happy Valentine's day treats

I just finished packing all the school valentines and we are ready to go. Happy Valentine's day everyone!

Pink polkadot hat cupcake tops

I made these a while ago for Jolene and she was nice enough to show me how she used them. Cute cupcakes! Thanks Jolene!


I just got done watching Martha Stewart valentine special. I made these a few years back when my daughter was in Pre-K and forgot all about this great idea. So here it is again... but a little bit older girl, and she hand signed every one of them! CAndy will be attached to the bottom of these bag toppers.

Order of the day!

Bunting banners

Now available in my shop:)

Valentine bags for school!

I just made these fabric patches and ironed them on these muslin bags. I had so many bags and I didn't know what to do with them so I thought I'd fill these with crayons, mini notebooks and a little bit of sweets. A perfect valentine for the kinder kids!