Where I've been featured!


This was a logo from one of my customers, Laura.  It was a pleasure working with her :)  She's an event planner in Orlando so you can visit her at :http://partyperfectorlando.com/pages/eventgallery.htm

Favor boxes!

These were done for a customer a few months back but they are still my all time favorite boxes.  It could be that her daughter is so stinkin' cute!

Glitter galore!

Here's a new idea one of my customer's used to liven up her cake!  I really liked how she combined the items.  I now offer them for sale at my shops.

Can he build it...Yes he can!

This is a brand new item with personalization on the hat!!!!  Get yours today at bugandboo.etsy.com!

For the twins!

These twins looked so much alike that if it weren't for their eyes, I would never have picked them apart.  Happy Elmo Birthday girls!

For Melanie

This is the order that Melanie won yesterday :)
I can't wait to see what they look like on her cupcakes!!!


Today I hit the 200 mark on Etsy!  

Isn't it funny that the 200th order is the original FIRST order I put up on etsy!!!  Thanks to the cake not being ready in time for my party, I began making these toppers.

The rest is history....

...and that's not including all my other markets!

Stay tuned for pics.

I have about 9 orders pending for this weekend!!!!

The luckiest birthday girl!

Every now and then I get some cool photos back from my customers.  This is one of my favs!  I know, I always say that but look how stinkin' cute she is.  

Check out the cool blog which says the nicest things about me:)  Gigi, your mom and auntie rock!

Thanks Mamahuck!

This is a photo I borrowed from one of my customers whose blog I now visit frequently.  Check her out at:


This was one of the cutest photos showing her little guy blowing out his candles!  Those hat toppers were one of my favs!

Kissed by pink hats!

Today's orders.

Yesterday's orders.