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Ahoy mate!

New!  Favor bags to go with the cupcake toppers!

Happy 42nd Anniversary!

One of my customers is doing an anniversary party for her parents.  So here's the preview.  I can't wait to read her blog to see how it turned out.

More Pirates!

Ahoy Cream puffs!

This is the final photo's from my customer Tanya who I loved working with!  Thanks Tanya!

Thanks Candace!

One of my very gracious customers sent me a photo of the cupcake toppers I made for her.  These cupcakes look so yummy!  And they are such a beautiful couple.
Thanks again Candace! And, Congratulations!


One of my customers wanted a mask for their baby's first birthday.  I liked it so much, I added it to my etsy shop:)

Flower hat toppers!

Pirate gift tags! NEW ITEM

One of my customers asked for gift tags.  It's not something I normally do but I did try my hand at this one because she is such a nice lady!  

glitter toppers

Go away Art Vista...or not.

This is the 2nd time I've done Art Vista for my daughters class.  Every time the end of the year comes I vow that  I am NOT doing this next year.  


A little girl named Emily walked up to me and picked up her art portfolio,which was stuffed with the year's art projects.  Very quietly she wrapped her arms around my waist, looked up at me with beaming eyes and said, "Thank you soooo much, I love it". 

Okay, you win.

See ya next year Art Vista!  Me, you, tons of coffee and a martini snuck in there somewhere.  

So here they are wearing the shirts which took my beginning-butt all day to make.

By the way, Emily is the little blonde kneeling in the front row 3rd from the right. 

Cupcakes don't go topless in Canada either!

These are the 2nd order international.  My first order cost $50 bucks to send, this one was more reasonable...Canada!  Whoohoo!

Blue glitter monogram toppers.

Who says they always have to be pink!

Amy at Stem

Yesterday, Amy@stem posted a cool and complimentary blog about my shops!  She is so cool and her site has given me many ideas for my own parties.  Go check her out at:


Thanks to her I got a ton of hits and 6 orders yesterday.  So I'm a busy bee today!

Don't forget to send her a message, she actually answers everything :)
Amy, You rock!

Oh, and here is how she advertised my shop.  I wish I could do this:)

Glitter crown cupcake toppers.

Leopard and glitter cake topper

For Paige

This order is for Paige who has her own wedding events going on.  Please stop by her blog and vote!  


Graduation Package!

One of my customers, sent me a photo of her kids, had me add a graduation hat for a surprise party.  I also made her some favor bag toppers to go with it.  

More photo toppers!

New Item!!! Queen of quite alot!

Here is a new item I'm adding to both my shops.  Everyone keeps asking for hats and crowns to match my glitter topper parties....so here they are!

1st grade self portraits!

Every once in a while I surprise myself. Especially when I take on something I've never done before.  This year, I was in charge of my daughters 1st grade art vista.  We did our last project which was self portraits using only one fat black crayon.  They did such an awesome job that I bought shirts, added a blue frame and printed them on the shirts.  They turned out so good, even I was proud of them.  I can't wait to see their faces tomorrow when I give them out!

school birthday cake

New favor bags with bling!

Every once in a while, a customer will ask for something different and my mouth starts watering :)  These were a blast making.  Probably because I love bling!  Get them now in my stores!