Where I've been featured!

NEW! Personalized Mini chocolate bar wrappers

Check these out. New in my shop. You pick the graphics, photo, colors etc!

New cupcake displays!

I'm showing off my new staging cupcakes by 12 legs curiosities. These were absolutely the best thing ever! They look so real! I'm going back for more! Now my cupcake toppers look fantastic! You can visit their shop at 12legscuriosities.etsy.com.

Vintage blue and green party hat cupcake toppers

Communion cupcake toppers

I just made these for one of my repeat customers and now you can get them in my shop. Add wings and a halo for the perfect way to show off your loved one's communion or birthday party :)

This photo was sent in by Sara. I created a hat to match her invitations. I've since done another order for her using her wedding photo as a cake topper. It's been a pleasure creating for you Sara. Thanks for graciously allowing me to use your photo.

Pinkalicous cake topper

This is a large version of my pinkalicious cupcake toppers. This one is a 6" cake topper with tons of glitter!

New hat cupcake toppers added to my shop

These are new pink hat additions to my shop. Get your cupcake toppers now!

Construction hat cupcake toppers!

These were just created.

American Girl doll party has been featured as party of the day!

Jillian from Catch my party has graciously posted my daughter's American girl doll party as today's party of the day.

You have to check out her site, it's amazing with awesome ideas!

Thanks Jillian :)

Glitter cake toppers

It's graduation time!

Graduation toppers are starting to roll in. Here's some of the orders completed.

Silver and white glitter Easter cupcake toppers

Can you tell that the little munchkins are away with the grandparents:)

Lots of new stuff in my shop this week!

Tinkerbell cupcake toppers!

These photos were graciously provided by Lindsey, who's daughter had a Tinkerbell theme and had the coolest tree that her hubby made! My little winged cupcake toppers were nestled on nests scattered on the branches.

Very cool Lindsey!

Mini glitter cupcake toppers

These were just made for Stacy! Congrats on the new niece :)

More bunnies!

Hello Easter bunny,
Why, I see you are purple glitter today :)


T-ball game #2

Of course, my heart was swelling as I watched Little Bug take a big swing and hit the tee, not the ball, and decided the ball didn’t need to sit there on the dirt all alone. He took a rather impressive golf swing with the bat, knocking the ball toward the outer edge of the infield. This immediately started his cute little waddle run to first base. Safe! I swear he runs like a little duck... but then again, so does his daddy:)

Dugout conversation with 12 little 5 year olds.

“Excuse me, I have to poop.”

“Uh, okay.” (Looking towards the parents for help).

“Me, too.”

“Me, too”

“Me, too”

“Me, too”

“Me, too”

(This is why you need about 60 players on any T-ball team so the game can continue while many kids leave for various reasons.

Things I have learned for game #3.

Pour myself a morning martini before game!

Na..na..na..na..na..naaaa Batman!

Batmask photo toppers just created!

crowns, crowns and more crowns.

Happy Birthday crown photo cupcake toppers!

Business is booming this month. Hello Spring tiime! I can't wait to see all the parties out there!