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T-ball game #2

Of course, my heart was swelling as I watched Little Bug take a big swing and hit the tee, not the ball, and decided the ball didn’t need to sit there on the dirt all alone. He took a rather impressive golf swing with the bat, knocking the ball toward the outer edge of the infield. This immediately started his cute little waddle run to first base. Safe! I swear he runs like a little duck... but then again, so does his daddy:)

Dugout conversation with 12 little 5 year olds.

“Excuse me, I have to poop.”

“Uh, okay.” (Looking towards the parents for help).

“Me, too.”

“Me, too”

“Me, too”

“Me, too”

“Me, too”

(This is why you need about 60 players on any T-ball team so the game can continue while many kids leave for various reasons.

Things I have learned for game #3.

Pour myself a morning martini before game!

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