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Yea to weddings!

Here are the new toppers I made for a wedding customer. Did I say how much I love weddings?

I can't help it!

There is something about watching this little guy eat his own topper!!! I couldn't resist putting this up. Thanks again, Niria!

Stella & Dot

These were made for a customer who was hosting a Stella & Dot party.

A gracious thank you to Ashley!

This is the first time, I've had someone use my toppers in an invitation! I love this idea and might have to steal it!

All photos are graciously given by Ashley!

On Sale!

Here is one of my last SALE items that just sold!

Happy Birthday!!!!

More birthday topper packages!

The wedding.

These little toppers were made for a wedding couple and they asked for a veil and top hat. Since their dog was included, I had to give him his own hat!!!!

More pink hats!

Amy over at Mammaliciousfinds is offering a giveaway!

Go checkout Amy's offers in giveaways so that you might win a free set of photo cupcake toppers! Gee, I wonder who makes them:)

Her site is fantastic and fun!
Thanks Amy!


12 months of toppers!

One of my customers was having her daughter's first birthday party and wanted 12 different photos used (one for each month) to place on the cupcakes. Hmmmmm...I'm going to have to borrow that idea!

The big 30!


Here are the airplanes I just made for one of my customers's son's first birthday!


The wee ones got to play with Poppa in his front yard!!!!!!!

NEW! sweet & spicy!

One of my customers is combining her party with skulls and crowns! Cute Idea, I'm off to list them in my shops!


This order was my first truck order :) I also have an airplane which I will post later.

The boy with the blue hat

Catching up!

I just downloaded some photos of orders done. So stay tuned for orders from the past week :)

My Daughter's birthday crown

I made this for my daughter's birthday and they seem to be taking off!!!

Thanks to my copycat seller

About a year ago, I had a lady request an order then copy my items and use my favor boxes to advertise as hers. Then she started copying my photo cupcake toppers.

Well Karma does hit.

Thanks to my copycat who refused to make the order, I had a very frazzled grandmother trying to get her grandson's order done in time for her party. And I WAS able to get it done :)

Thanks to her, I've been busy with her referrals. Turns out her daughter is a party planner. Isn't that justice!

Thanks Niria for the photos!

The cake

My daughter picked out her own cake and topper!

Birthday a hit!

So, my daughter's birthday is finally over and it was filled with lots of family and friends. Here are some of the items I designed for her birthday. These will be available at my etsy store next week!

One more day!

One more day until my little one turns 7! I'll be posting photos of the big day soon.
Here are some past projects in the last few weeks :)

Vacation day 2

Even though I'm on vacation, I'm still working on the little one's birthday :) But here are some blasts from the past.

Thanks Jennifer!

How funny, just yesterday I posted one of my favorite hat toppers and then I opened up my email and found a slew of photos from Jennifer.  This hat made it's debut on her little one's head and they turned out really cute on those yummy cupcakes!  It really helps when the little one is this stinkin' cute!

Thanks for sharing Jennifer!

Vacation for my little one!

It's time for me to close up shop while I work on my little one's birthday items.  I will be sure to post the surprises I have in store for one very special muffin!

I will not be filling any more orders till after the party.  I will however be available by email and of course I will be blogging about the cool items we are making!

Have a great day!

Before I leave for vacation items

From Paige! You rock!

These photos are courtesy of Paige, who found me when I was just beginning my listings on ETSY.  I had the honor of creating her daughter's first birthday toppers...they were so stinkin' cute!  Paige was the perfect client and I'm so glad I had the chance to work with her.  Go check out her site at :

Thanks Paige!  Love the cupcakes!

New crown of the day!