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My workspace.

Okay, so I have the smallest workspace ever! It is like an oversized bathroom. But I just finished organizing it. I (the hubs) stripped the yucky carpet and found brick underneath. Cool. Until I began working and realized I needed a rug.

So I found this fantastic rug and worked around it. I changed everything to black and white and presto!

I'm in creative heaven.

I can't tell you how much stuff I have crammed in here. It took up 2 rooms when I pulled everything out. Then I shopped in my own house! It felt like I was at Michaels! Can you believe It all went back into one room!


Thanks to the hubs for all his hard work!!!!! )

Order of the day!

My favorite order of the day

This is my favorite order of the day mostly because it's one of mine.This was her coaches birthday. I had about an hour to buy cupcakes, rush home, make the toppers (slow computer for some reason) and rush back and pretend it was all a piece of cake..... not!

Overall, no one was any wiser and it was a hit!

Order of the day!

This photo just came to me from Lizzy!

I loved her cake... and of course the topper!

Order of the day!

These photos are courtesy of Elizabeth who has shopped with me before and always has the cutest photos for me to tamper with :)

Thanks Elizabeth!

Zebra cake!

One of my very cool customers sent me this photo and has allowed me to use it on my site. She made the cake and I made the topper....as if you didn't know :)

A huge thanks to Michele!

Boy or girl...cont.

Is it a boy or girl? I just finished the name tags to coordinate with the cupcake toppers.

I can't wait to find out too!

Is it a boy or girl?

I made these for one of my customers who is pregnant and having a "revealing" party. This is the coolest idea and I wish I had one! Half are in pink and half in blue. I will be posting the name tags in a few.

Order of the day!

Order of the day!

These toppers were made for a double birthday party in which the older boy was quite embarrassed. Thanks to Molly for sending me this photo!

The numerous orders of today:)

Can you believe all the orders I'm getting. Of course it happens to coincide with my sister's wedding in which I am planning tons of surprises.

There will be spectacular tube favors with smores so stay tuned!!!!

New boy's crown!

...another order of the day!

Order of the day!

...another order of the day.

Order of the day. Ahoy mate!

I made this for one of my customers and she decided last minute to add some striped "1"s to her order. Since I didn't have any stripes at the time, I made the paper on the computer then cut them.

I'd say it looks very much like a pirate party :)

These are now offered alone or in a package at my shop. Bugandboo.etsy.com

Order of the day!

These photos were submitted by a very special customer :) I just finished another order for her son :)