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More pink party 2010!

The reason I've been away from creating is for this day!
The annual Pink pajama-rama party featuring my favorite Pinkies!
Now on to the decorations. Most items were designed and created by yours truly!
The Pinkie winners of past years are chalked on this chalkboard stand.

Label was handmade by me :) The nametags were all glittered and created by me again.

These glasses added the perfect pink boobie moment with each Pinkie's name flagged on the bottom with a tiny bling. Again, made by me. Ha, this is getting repetitive.

And of course, there were the pink gifts, the pink gift exchange and munchies to feed an army!
There is nothing like the crowning of this year's "Miss Pinkie" who also received this fabulous hot pink flower purse.
The crown and hanging banner were again designed and made by me... However, the ribbon banner on the figure was purchased on ebay. Congratulations Jill-Pill!

I have used these labels for the last 7 years but this year I've lightened them up a bit and added the bling.

Add in a little (or alot) of this...
...and you get....

And everyone was able to keep track of their items by going home with their very own personalized tote bag featuring glitter and bling...gosh, who made those??? hehe.

...until next year Pajama-Pinkies!
Peace out!

The Pink Party 2010

So I've been on vacation lately to prepare for the annual Pink Party. I ordered these really cool canvas tote bags and designed the personalization for each one. I added glitter and bling and since it's not something I usually do, I was pretty excited with how they turned out. Each Pinkie will receive her very own!

The water bottle labels are done each year but this year I lightened them up bit. I put glittered letters over a fabric banner. I made 3 banners but haven't photographed the other two yet.

Also, each lady will wear a glittered name tag which is hiding inside the tree which will follow the theme.

Now I have to talk about my tree which I bought at pottery Barn many years ago. I have decorated this poor tree so much, it has half the amount of leaves I started with!!! I've hung the kids handmade paper easter eggs, ornaments, glittered numbers for birthdays and pretty much anything that seems to go with the events. I love my tree! For this event, I hung glittered hearts and butterflies.

For this years party, I have made pretty much everything myself instead of using outside venders. I actually had to go on Etsy vacation to make it happen. So stay tuned for more.

And if you happened to be invited, you better not be looking!!!!!!! That would be cheating!!!!

1000 days

This photo is courtesy of Connie who's little guy was 1000 days old. I love this idea and loved making them.

New crowns

These will be offered once I get back from vacation!

My sis-in-law's birthday

These were created for Lorin. I just finally got to see the photos. Love the party!


I'm currently on a 2 week vacation....
Preparing for this.....

Completed orders!