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American Girl Pink Pajama Party

My daughter's mini pink party is arriving soon. Here is a little preview of what I've done.

These are individual packets that include a spa mask, spa shoes and cucumber stickers for the American Girl dolls. All were handmade by yours truly!


  1. Can I get a Template/ tutorial for this Kit!?!? I Would LOVE to make some for our girls! <3

  2. Can I get a tutorial or template for this?!? Would love to make this for my daughters Party! :)

  3. Where did you get the cucumber stickers? I would love to get several sets. Would you consider selling me some? Let me know britneydeal@yahoo.com We are doing a Peace, Love, American Girl party complete with a spa for big and little girls. The stickers would be perfect. I am making towel wraps for the dolls.

  4. This is amazing!!! Way to go! Are you willing to create more and or provide directions/tutorial? I would be more than willing to pay for 6-8 of these kits. Please email me: diryan@gmail.com
    thanks! Di Ryan