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Mini Pink American girl doll Party... part 2.

Sorry, This party has so many photos, I have to break it up!

Next, we had set up mini stations to teach the pinkies how to care for their dolls and each other. We had 4 stations and it took me about 4 hours to figure out a rotation for the girls so they could all mix and get to know each other better. (We had school friends, gymnastics, dance etc so not everyone was aquainted). I must say all that headache actually paid off and everyone mixed perfectly.

First we had the Medical table (aka: The Pink Cross). This table had packets of booboos, bandaids, bandage wraps and supplies to make broken legs and arms. My very good friend Ryann flew in from school so she could help us and I couldn't have been more happy. She is a medical student and this table was perfect for her. All my helpers had pink aprons on with their names attached so the kids would know where to go (These I also made).

In between each rotation of the stations, I had games set up to play so the girls could earn tickets and eat etc. This also gave the assistants time to set up for the next group. The games were a hula hoop contest, freeze dance, simon says, and some singing.

The next station was the Craft Table in which my good friend Connie, from the days of waitressing and college, was on hand to help. We've known each other so long, I can't even remember not knowing her, and she brought me a coffee the morning of set up as well as showing up early and helping. You rock Connie! On this table were personalized scrapbooks with tons of stickers, pens, papers etc for them all to make an autograph book.

The Spa table was manned by my neighbor Lara. She taught the girls about all the spa luxuries we all enjoy. I made packets for the girls which included a pair of spa slippers, an eye mask for relaxation and cucumber stickers for the eyes. Yes, I made everything! 20 pairs of slippers (that's 40 when you count each foot), 120 cucumber stickers which I cut out at my daughter's dance class, and 20 eye masks made of felt! I am only saying this because that was a crazy task!!!!!! I also put out some microfiber mitts, buckets filled with pink packing popcorn to simulate a bubble bath, water spray bottles so they could gently clean the dolls and bath puffs. I have to say it was worth it when my neighbor came up to me and said a few of the girls were talking about this party being the best party they have ever been to! All those slippers were worth it!

The Hair salon table was manned by my long time friend Jill-Pill who is the reason I am married today :) For her table, I made pink polkadot drapes to place around the doll's necks, doll stands to keep the dolls upright, brushes, crowns, hairbands, ribbons, curlers and a set of pink earrings.

Next on the list of things to do was the scavenger hunt where all the girls had bags (all had different items to collect so they couldn't cheat) to collect items from the neighbors. I did place a not on all the doors to warn them of this day and also included a "Do not disturb" sign that they could place on the door if they did not want us to bug them. Everyone participated and I think it's because they are now used to our huge parties! lol.


  1. please share how were the items made

  2. I made so much, do you have an email? I don't know where to start :)

  3. We are having an AG salon party in a few week, how did you make the cucumber stickers? I love the metal tubs & pink bubble foam, I think I will try that! What did you put on the front of your invitations?

    Thanks so much!

  4. I took a photo of a cucumber slice from our fridge then resized it and printed them out on sticker sheets then cut each one out individually. I know, It was a pain and I did it over a 3 week period so my eyes and fingers wouldn't fall off!

  5. How did you make the doll slippers??

  6. I made the doll slippers with 2 pieces of felt and ribbon stuck between the two pieces. Very cheap but time consuming :)

  7. Did you glue the slippers together? I am thinking of using a small pc of elastic. That way it will stay put. If you don't mind sharing I would love the deets! britneydeal@yahoo.com

  8. The felt was adhesive on one side so it stuck together after I peeled it back:)