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3rd Annual American girl doll party

Here are the long awaited 3rd annul Mini Miss Pinkie party which was an american girl theme. No, it was not anyone's birthday. This is just for the gals. This year I encouraged a theme of sharing, kindness, honesty, manners etc and at the end of the party, the girl who showed those traits would be crowned Mini Miss Pinkie 2011. So here are the photos. I'll try and keep them in order as there was a ton going on!

The girls first began by arriving with their dolls and checking out all the fun activity stations that I had set up. They each received a ticket holder which I made out of boxes and attached ribbon so they could hang them around their necks. These were to hold the pink tickets that were awarded throughout the day for great manners, sharing, kindness, etc. On the tables, I had set up pink sugared glasses containing lemonade and a foo-foo pink personalized bags which would soon be filled with
tons of goodies!

Then the dolls were introduced and placed at their party table to enjoy the feasts. I made custom party hats for all the dolls and also included a sugared drink for each doll setting as well as some treats. If you could see the look on each girl's face, it was priceless!

I also made backpack tags for each girl to put on their school bags to remind them of this day

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