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The Star Wars Lego party!

Finally, It's here!!!!

The Lego Star Wars birthday party!

But before you read on, I have to give a huge hug and kiss to my neighbor Megan who came over and offered to help a few hours before the party when I was ready to scream. That girl should have been my other sister!!!!!! Thanks Megan, You rock!!!!!!

I made shirts for the kids and wrapped them around homemade saber swords. The saber swords are made of pvc insulation and were so soft and forgiving during the slaughter in our front yard. Believe it or not, No tears or drama! The kids loved it!!!! I printed the handles on my computer and wrapped them in packing tape so they wouldn't tear.

The table was decorated and unfortunately I didn't get a photo of the final look but here is one end of it.

I made all the party hats and water bottle labels and filled the pinata with legos and candy.

Each child had options to role play with masks that I downloaded from the internet, cut holes for their eyes and added them to sticks. They were a hit, and very inexpensive!

We had mulled spiced wine for the adults as well as hot spiced cider and coffee.... which lets me explain how tickled pink I was to add this little special detail which most guests didn't even notice until they happened to look closely at their cups....

Of course I made the cupcake toppers and ordered the fondant black and lime green 5's here... ClineffsConfections

The kids left with the favor boxes I made. Inside were lego crayons with coloring pages, candy bags, luggage tags, and "You build it" lego kits that I also made.

The party began at 1pm and ended around 9pm with my best friends staying to help clean up!!!! Love you Jill Pill!

The hubs and I are now sitting among the aftermath with sighs. It was a great day with some great friends!!!!!

We are sooooo blessed!


  1. I want a party just like that when I turn 48!!!

  2. Wow! Love looking at all the details! You did an amazing job! Thank you for all your help with my son's party and for all the ideas. : )

  3. What an amazing party! I'm definitely going to borrow a few ideas for my son's Lego Star Wars party! Can you tell me where you found the patterns for the masks that you said you downloaded?

  4. Hi Michelle,
    I downloaded the masks for free here : http://www.livinglocurto.com/2009/10/free-printable-star-wars-masks/ There are tons of different ones :) Enjoy your party!!!

  5. Thank you! I also found some last night on the Official Star Wars Blog. Who knew there was even an official Star Wars Blog?! The things you learn as a mom of boys! :)

  6. Can I ask how you made the party favor boxes and where you got the pieces for the build your own car?

  7. Hi,
    I actually sell the boxes in my shop at buganadboo.etsy.com.
    The pieces for the car were created at the lego store and I duplicated them for all the kids.